• Rummage Sale A Huge Success!

    Thank you to all who donated items to the rummage sale – and to all those who came and got great deals on Saturday, May 16th. The rummage sale added approximately $3,000 to our grants.

    Rummage Sale A Huge Success!
  • Robotics In All Schools

    Throughout the years, FEF has granted funds or supplies for the Robotics Program in all schools.

    Robotics In All Schools
  • Middle School Civilization Club

    THANKS FEF! From the Civilization Club – Mr. Holmes & Mr. Liscovitz.

    Middle School Civilization Club
  • Ipad Headsets

    Headsets for iPads so students may complete individual studies in the classroom.

    Ipad Headsets
  • Guest Speakers

    Guest speaker Martha Poliquin with visits FHS Food Culture & Literacy Class.

    Guest Speakers